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If you have spent much time browsing our website you may have noticed that we have some pipes. A lot of pipes. So many pipes that when you are looking for that one pipe, the one that fulfills all of your needs, the one that is just what your rotation is missing, it can be an arduous task, requiring several cups of coffee, a handful of hours and the singular, obsessive resolve of Captain Ahab himself.

If only Old Thunder had had a tool at his disposal, other than his rage and his iron, to point him in just the right direction, nay, to point him to just the area, nay to just the exact location of his wicked white whale, the very object of his desire. A tool that would systematically weed out the red herrings and pretenders, myths and legends to reveal the one true Moby Dick!!

The Pipe Locator

Here at Smokingpipes Europe, we realised some time ago that while a tool like this would have ruined the intrigue and drama, not to mention the massiveness of Melville's Moby Dick, such a tool would greatly improve our customer's experience of searching for their pipe of choice. So how does this tool work?

How Does it Work?

The Pipe Locator takes into account 14 different sets of criteria simultaneously when conducting a search. These are Fresh / Sale (Fresh refers to pipes that have been on the site less than 7 days, Sale refers to any pipe that has a marked down, sale price), Country (Country of origin), Finish (Smooth, Sandblast, Rusticated, etc...), Brand / Estate Country, Material (Briar, Meerschaum, Olivewood, Morta, etc...), Shape (Billiard, Apple, Bent Egg, etc...), Stem Material (Vulcanite, Acrylic, Other), Filter (6mm, 9mm, Other, None), Price, Weight, Length, Chamber Diameter, Chamber Depth, and Condition Rating (for Estates).

An Example Search:

Let's give it a try. I like classic shapes, so I want to know how many Billiard shape pipes there are on the site. So I select Billiard as the shape and hit the "Find It!" button located at the bottom of the search list. That yields 616 results. That's easier to look through than thousands of pipes, but it is still a pretty big selection to peruse, so I think I want to narrow it down more. I prefer pipes that are lightweight, so I will set the weight to Less than 1 oz., and I prefer vulcanite stems, so I select Vulcanite for the Stem Material. And with a click of the "Find It!" button, I am able to see that there are 8 pipes that fit these exact parameters.

It's as easy as that! Just put in your search parameters and find your pipe. Happy Hunting!

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    • Paul - 14 February 2019
    • The Pipe Locator worked well for me and I'm now the very pleased owner of an estate BriarWorks Classic Dark Sandblasted C52 straight Rhodesian at a price that belies its quality.
      Pipe Condition, appears to be as new/never smoked.
      Packaging, excellent and clearly addressed.
      Delivery, overseas/quickest ever from Northern Europe at 4 days.
      My first ever American made pipe, it's impressive and exceptionally well made.
      Many Thanks.

    • Adam O'Neill - 14 February 2019
    • We're so glad we could help, Paul. Enjoy that BriarWorks, my friend, they're a great pipe!

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