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Peterson Joins The Laudisi Family

Smokingpipes Europe is pleased to announce that its parent company, Laudisi Enterprises, has acquired Kapp & Peterson, Ltd., specifically the Peterson pipe factory in Sallynoggin and the Peterson of Dublin shop on Nassau Street.

We're excited that Peterson will be joining the Laudisi Family as we prepare to launch Smokingpipes Europe later this Summer. In the coming weeks, our European staff currently based in Dublin will be moving into the Peterson facility in Sallynoggin.

As we launch our European venture, we're especially grateful to be joining in Peterson's rich, 150-year history, and to have the opportunity for Smokingpipes Europe to grow along side it.

To read more about this exciting news, check out the Smokingpipes Blog here and below:

Peterson is one of the most extraordinary institutions in pipe making today. With a history stretching back a century and a half, it has managed to evolve with the times while remaining very much true to its roots at the end of the nineteenth century. Each Peterson pipe signifies and conveys a rich history that began in 1865. There are few products in today's culture that resonate with that degree of historical significance, products of permanence, products imbued by the tradition of the craftsmen who make them, products informed by a rich and vibrant legacy. And yet that is Peterson's story—a story that I'm pleased and honored to perpetuate as the next steward for this august institution.

Peterson will now become a part of Laudisi Enterprises, the company I founded eighteen years ago. Laudisi is about pipes and pipe tobacco. I don't simply mean that it sells pipes and pipe tobacco, which of course is true, but that the very soul of the business is steeped in the product. There are plenty of companies that do something. They, as institutions, might even know a fair bit about it. But they don't love it. Institutionally, Laudisi Enterprises loves pipes. That love informs every decision we make. It's the reason that other serious pipe people like to work with us: we understand what they do; we share their passion. Peterson then, as an organization serious about its tradition, its history, and its pipes, is a rather perfect fit within the Laudisi tent.

So, what does this mean for Peterson and Peterson enthusiasts? For the pipes themselves, not much is going to change. The same people will continue to make the pipes at the same factory, using the same equipment. And while my skills as an oracle are somewhat rusty, there will likely be two sorts of changes to Peterson in the future. The first sort are the obvious ones: we'll help with technology, marketing, business processes and the like. The other is likely an increased bias toward Peterson traditionalism. Mining Peterson's rich history for new products is the sort of thing we've encouraged in the past (to wit: amber stems) and something I think we'll get excited about in the future. But, of course, these sorts of decisions will continue to happen on the ground in Sallynoggin, with input from us, much as they have in the past.

I approach the Peterson brand with reverence and with gratitude to those who have served it for the past century and a half, from Charles Peterson to Tom and Conor Palmer. Peterson, as an institution, is greater than any individual. What makes the company special is that the manufacturing is deeply rooted in a particular place, as part of a particular tradition of craftsmanship, with a particular institutional ethos. Today we here at Laudisi embrace and celebrate that legacy, and we turn a hopeful eye toward what lies ahead.

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    • Hank Lawrence - 20 July 2018
    • While I am sad to see this happen in some respects, it just also might be just what the brand needs. I am hopeful that you can bring some increased quality control to their products. Your distribution and marketing will also be a big advantage to the company. I am sure that this can only be a win/win for everyone on both sides of the table. Looking forward to sampling what the future has to hold for this new endeavor.....Hank

    • Joe Gibson - 20 July 2018
    • I view this as a good thing also for both Peterson and Laudisi. Like Hank Lawrence (his comments appears 7 times) I would hope one of the changes would be an increase in quality control. I know too many pipe smokers with improperly drilled Peterson pipes.

    • Alfredo A. Maia - 20 July 2018
    • Peterson's name is part of the joy of smoking pipes. Please keep it alive and targeted to make the wonderfull pipes they have done over the years.
      Good luck.

    • Adam O'Neill - 20 July 2018
    • Thank you all so much for the support and kind words. We realise the importance of Peterson and their place in the hobby, and will strive to earn the trust you've placed in us.

    • Moosecop - 21 July 2018
    • good to see... Im hoping that you guys will try to get some replacement stems in stock in the US for us. Its been a bear trying to locate them.

    • Ron Bailey - 22 July 2018
    • I have smoked Petes for nearly 40 years and in fact it is the overwhelmingly predominent brand in my collection. I hope that the mark continues it’s fine and storied tradition. I would like to see more of the historical shapes resurrected, as was the “jap” style 2017 poy. Good luck and keep them smokin’.

    • Robert Kuntz - 23 July 2018
    • Well now this is huge news. And, I hope, good news, too.

      For reasons aesthetic and cultural, Peterson has a unique place in the heart of this half-breed Irish bastard -- and a prominent presence in his pipe racks. I wish you all great success with this most honorable and storied name.

      Ádh mór ort.

    • Adam O'Neill - 24 July 2018
    • @Ron Bailey We loved that shape too, though to be honest we were also quite partial to the Hansom/XL26 they used for the 2018 as well ;)

    • Adam O'Neill - 24 July 2018
    • @Robert Kuntz Go raibh maith agat!

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