How To Smoke A Pipe

A How-To Guide

Pipe Smoking is a learning experience. It has been described as "the world's last great mystery religion," and with good reason. Unlike other forms of smoking, where most, if not all, aspects of enjoyment of the hobby are transparent or easily learned in a few minutes, pipe smoking requires a bit of specialized knowledge in order to reap maximum benefit.

In the past, almost all pipe smokers gained their knowledge either through trial and error experimentation, or through the instruction and advice of a more seasoned smoker. This was usually facilitated through the spoken word, and was instrumental in the rise of the 'pipe club,' where smokers would gather to exchange news, tips and useful information.

In the interest of bringing the joys of pipe smoking to a wider audience, we have prepared a series of "How-To" articles which cover most of the basic topics involved in smoking a pipe, and we will be adding new topics as time permits.