About the Smokingpipes Europe Newsletter

The Smokingpipes.eu Newsletter is a 100% opt-in email periodical. Each week, we send out a number of emails updating our subscribers on all of our fresh offerings, sales, and promotions. Every email address that receives our communications is doing so because the user of that address gave us permission to send them. Every time you place an order with us here at Smokingpipes.eu, you are asked whether or not you would like to receive our newsletters.

Sometimes I receive multiple copies. What's up with that?

We know that people change email addresses, have multiple email accounts, and may place orders using at least two different email addresses (home and work addresses being the most common). If you've subscribed to our newsletter from multiple email addressses, you're likely to receive multiple copies of our newsletters. Alternatively, if you've subscribed directly to our list through a forwarded email from a friend, rather than going through the site's user center, you may receive more than one copy of our newsletter to the same email address.

If you'd like to remove duplicate email addresses, you can send a note to [email protected], and we'll remove the duplicate address from our list immediately. If you'd like to unsubscribe one or more of your email addresses, you can do that by clicking the "Unsubscribe from this list" link at the bottom of our newsletters for that particular email address.

How do I stop the newsletter from coming to me?

As mentioned above, each newsletter we send out has a link at the very bottom that says, "Unsubscribe from this list." Click this link, and it will process your request right away. Alternatively, if you have an account with us, you can login to your user center and uncheck the "subscribe to our newsletter" box in the Edit User Info section.

Do you share your email list?

No. No way. Not before, not now, not ever. Never.

I'm not getting your emails. What do I do?

There are many reasons why you might not be receiving our newsletters. First, make sure you are subscribed. If you have an account with us, login to your user center and navigate over to the Edit User Info section. Make sure you have the "subscribe to our newsletter" box checked.

If you're confident you have subscribed with us, a common culprit is the various spam filters set up on ISP's and individual machines. All of our newsletters are sent from "[email protected]", so make sure you unblock that address or add it to your contacts or favorites to ensure consistent delivery.

Similarly, all of our order confirmations are sent from "[email protected]", so be sure to save that one as well, so that you're able to receive confirmations and tracking information for your orders.

What about bounces?

Each week, Smokingpipes.eu receives notifications from ISP's that mail has not been delivered to its intended recipient. These messages are known as bounces. When we receive a bounce or a message saying that the account does not exist, no such user, invalid recipient, etc., that email address is cleaned or removed from our subscriber list. You'll want to login to your user center and double check your given email address to make sure we've got it right — and make sure you're able to receive all our communications.