Molina: Gigante

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  • €100.00 - €200.00
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  • Billiard
Finish +
  • Sandblast
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  • Briar
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  • Acrylic
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  • 9mm
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  • 100g+
Length +
  • 170mm-200mm
Chamber Diameter +
  • 24mm+
Chamber Depth +
  • 50mm+
Named for a region steeped in ancient techniques with mills powered by the river Aterno, Molina pipes is located in the beautiful Italian city Varese, with its origins in Barasso, Lombardy. Operating in a historic Italian pipe factory, it uses traditional equipment and methods of production not only to produce its own branded pipes, but supplying stummels and mouthpieces for factories across Europe.

With both classic and modern shaping, unique and traditional finishes, and affordable prices, Molina pipes are tailor made for up-and-coming pipe smokers expanding their rotations, as well as seasoned aficionados looking for everyday, workhorse smokers. With 98 pieces on-site now, come discover Molina pipes for yourself.