Neerup: Classic

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  • New Pipes
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  • €100.00 - €200.00
Shape +
  • Acorn/Pear
  • Bent Apple
Finish +
  • Smooth
Material +
  • Briar
Stem Material +
  • Acrylic
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  • 9mm
Weight +
  • 50g-75g
Length +
  • 100mm-130mm
  • 130mm-140mm
Chamber Diameter +
  • 20mm-22mm
  • 22mm-24mm
Chamber Depth +
  • 40mm-45mm
Peder Jeppesen is the carver of Neerup pipes, which is the name of one of his grandmothers. He began making pipes with Karl Erik and, later, Erik Nording. Nording was the one to really teach Peder many of the steps involved in stem decoration and mass production. After he purchased extensive pipe making equipment, Peder was able to set up his own shop.

Starting with a machine copied (frazed) stummel, Peder and his son Christian alter the shape of each pipe, so that each piece is unique. This time-saving way of pipe making is what allows the pair to spend more time on decorative mounts and bands, often briar or silver, but increasingly more colourful swirled and mottled acrylics. His contrast staining on smooth pipes is simply marvelous, and he also often makes sandblasted, rusticated, or combination finishes.